Swiss Detox Absolute Skin Defense


Why SWISS DETOX is worth it?
SWISS DETOX offers a unique luxury experience with cutting-edge ingredients that protect the skin from aging and give it a natural glow. This high-end luxury skincare brand uses only the best ingredients, without using toxic, aggressive and harmful components in their Swiss-made products, which means the best results. With its commitment to skin health and its science-based formula, SWISS DETOX is the perfect choice for those who want to take care of their skin in a protective and healthy way.

The search for effective antioxidants and detoxifying agents has been actively pursued over the last 10 to 15 years, so that today a wide range of agents is available. The influences of our environment also have a decisive impact on our health and well-being. This particularly affects our largest organ: the skin. Every day, it has to stand its ground against a multitude of pollutants. They are caused by heating, emissions from industry and traffic. Most dirt particles do not penetrate the skin directly. But they damage the skin's surface and open the way for pollutants.

Skin health comes first.
To reliably protect the skin from these stress factors, classic mainstream skin care measures have long since ceased to be sufficient. Our air pollution by free radicals is already so advanced that the growing number of major problems can be traced back to it. Added to this is light pollution from UV radiation, blue light from digital devices and other influences of our modern world.

Health and beauty belong together.
With this approach, Swiss Detox Sàrl has dedicated itself to the research and development of a skin care line adapted to the permanently changing environmental stresses. After many decades of experience in dermatological research, we have developed a line of products dedicated exclusively to the detoxification, care and protection of our skin. Because health and beauty have always been inseparable. Both require special care and attention in our highly industrialized world.

Unique texture.
With a unique main care formula of DERMA-REPLEX®, probiotic anti-aging ingredients and energized water, we optimize the skin's microbiome and help it protect itself against harmful environmental influences from fine dust, UV radiation and blue light.