Optimize your Skin

The unique skincare formulation of Swiss Detox has the ability to repair and prevent this damage
and accelerate the regeneration processes to optimize your skin's microbiome.

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Swiss Detox - The Serum
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  • 1. Fulvic Acid

    This strengthens the immune system of the skin; moreover, its active formula stimulates cell regeneration and metabolism, which significantly increases the permeability of the skin.

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  • 2. Antioxidant against Free Radicals

    Free radicals damage our skin, for example, sunlight. This highly concentrated low molecular weight complex contains regenerating ingredients and gives antioxidant, detoxifying, antiviral and tonic effects.

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  • 3. Anti-Aging Active Ingredients

    It acts in all layers of the skin and provides immediate deep hydration and is suitable for daily use and for all skin types and prototypes at any age.

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  • 4. Derma-Replex™️, an Innovative Formula

    This unique complex of molecular active ingredients provides long-lasting hydration of the deep layers of the skin, improves the skin’s resistance to infection and reduces inflammation.

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