Swiss Detox - Probiotica

Probiotic technology affects important aspects of the skin's aging process, such as its ability to adapt to a continuously changing environment and properly rejuvenate itself. Probiotic substances have a good impact on epidermal growth speed and quality.

The production of vital proteins and enzymes is obviously raised in skin quality, barrier function and cell cohesion are improved, and skin renewal is hastened, all of which promote skin health. Desquamation, or the shedding of dead cells, has also been demonstrated to be effective.


Biotechnologically obtained from a probiotic, lactic-acid producing bacterium.
The production of essential proteins and enzymes in the skin is significantly increased.
Effectively stimulate self-renewal of the skin.
Supports essential functions of the skin, which are severely
impaired during skin ageing.
+ Accelerates and improves skin renewal (in-vivo study).
+ Improves the skin's barrier function (in-vivo study).