Swiss Detox - Fulvic Acid

This natural ingredient, thanks to its antibacterial action, has a protective and at the same time astringent effect to rid the skin of dirt, debris and dead cells. In addition to this anti-aging effect, the formula also stimulates the skin's immune system and stimulates cell regeneration. Thus, in addition to long-term protection, the rejuvenation process of their skin is actively supported.

It is found in the humus (organic material) of soils and peat, and is also found in streams and lakes. Fulvic acid (Fulvic minerals) is used, among other things, in allergies, eczema (atopic dermatitis) and thus could block reactions in the skin that cause allergy symptoms. It strengthens the immune system of the skin; moreover, its active formula stimulates cell regeneration and metabolism, which significantly increases the permeability of the skin.