Swiss Detox Swiss Formula

The following applies to skincare: Skincare products should have a broad antioxidant composition. There are several antioxidants that can be used to prevent free radical damage.

Antioxidants mitigate the effects of environmental factors such as UV radiation and air pollution. The most important step in protecting the skin from free radicals, and thus from early wrinkles, is to protect the skin on a daily basis.

Sunlight, for example, damages our skin through free radicals. Our unique, highly concentrated Derma-Replex™ formula, contains regenerative components as well as antioxidant, detoxifying, antiviral and firming properties.


+ Astringent.
+ Anti-inflammatory properties.
+ Antioxidant.
+ Anti-bacterial.
+ Vasoconstrictor.
+ Skin protecting.
+ Helps against itching and redness.
For the care of dull and chapped skin.