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Absolute Skin Defense Balm

This innovative Balm provides immediate protection and visibly reduces the signs of aging. Already after application, the Balm makes your complexion appear more even. The Balm has a dual action: a formula of anti-pollution components forms a film on the skin surface, which has a detoxifying effect. This natural barrier lasts for several hours. 

The clinical Formula improves your skin's microbiome by strengthening its antioxidant defenses, detoxifying it, and protecting it from the effects of free radicals. Derma-Replex is an innovative clinical formulation that contains powerful probiotic anti-aging ingredients and is enriched with energized water as well as fulvic acid.

Skincare treatment that is both luxurious and effective, instantly rejuvenating and brightening the skin. Your skin will be protected from harmful environmental factors such as fine dust, UV radiation, blue light, and a variety of other stresses as a result of this groundbreaking formula's use.

+ All skin types.
+ Dry skin.
+ Dull skin.
+ Fine lines and wrinkles.
+ Skin discoloration.
+ Environmentally stressed skin.
+ Aging skin.

+ Helps to activate the skins detoxification system.
+ Strengthens the skin barrier and optimizes the microbiome.
+ Increases the skin's own defenses.
+ Based on probiotic technology for a probiotic anti-aging approach.
+ Increases and improves skin hydration.
+ Promotes a plumper, firmer appearance of the skin.
+ Provides radiance.
+ Helps to counteract damages caused by UV rays and blue light.
+ Provides enhanced protection against environmental pollutants.
+ Protects against free radical damage with potent antioxidants.


50 ml | Made in Switzerland




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